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A Leotard & A Lock In...

Don't enjoy jumping around? Perhaps you would go as far as saying you HATE the gym? Can't figure out what all those people are running for....or from!? Plagued by a nagging guilt that you should be doing more exercise and taking better care of yourself? Wish your glutes looked like her off Instagram, but literally can't be arsed. #weightlossjourney #mindfulness #selfcare blah blah blah. How on earth are you going to get started on the January resolution of 'whole body transformation' with all this going on in your head? Maybe head over to Instagram for some inspiration and motivation? This should surely help get you started....yes?Feel better after looking at all of that?........or would you rather just hide now?

The public female face of exercise is one of coordinated outfits, a serene stress free beauty that somehow magically performs the movements without sweat or any visible signs of effort. Completely body hair free and tanned to perfection she floats about the studio or gym making shapes and lifting things..... SHE IS FITNESS PERFECTION. erm ok, whatever. This is not for me. I literally can't be arsed with trying to mould myself to this 'ideal' I don't. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO, OR BE ANY OF THESE THINGS TO GET STARTED. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. DO YOUR WORKOUT YOUR WAY. My workout, My way..... My Pilates practice is a very private thing. I don't much like exercising in front of people. I tend to GIVE IT MY ALL and as a result make a lot of weird noises, make funny faces and look a bit of a mess. I'm fussy. I like the room to smell nice and the light to feel right, and the addition of some music that reflects what I'm trying to achieve from the work. I'm a creature of habit. I listen to the same music tracks over and over and over.....and over. If the music is wrong it messes me up.I don't like to have to 'groom' myself just so I can work out. I turn up just as I am. Hairy pits and all. And as for the perfect tan, that's NOT happening. I'm Scottish. I've tried in the past to chase this (unachievable for me) ideal of beauty, but I'm older now and over it. Now, instead I use the Dulux paint card to 'rebrand' my skin colour. I'm not pasty.....I'm delicate seashell!!

You also don't need to go down the road of special expensive outfits to get some exercise. Find something that works for you. What ever it is, as long as you can move safely and easily it's fine. I get really hot when I do Pilates and I'm really fussy about being able to see my alignment. To stay cool and see what's going on I wear a leotard.In my opinion, the leotard is a pretty anti social item of clothing. When I've got one on I go into hiding.Even at the best of times most people are a bit self conscious about wearing one in front of people. For me, Public Leotard Wearing is a definite No No....what with the general body hair and 'delicate seashell' situation going on!

Have a think about what you might need to get your January resolution kick started as it will be personal to you. As for me, I work out on my own...... wearing a leotard......with the studio door most definitely locked.

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