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Attack of the Gigantic Glutes!!!

I've recently started using Instagram. It's a bit of an odd place really.

All I can say about it so far is that for some reason Instagram thinks all I want to look at is Butts. Whenever I do a search to see what fitnessy person I might want to follow I'm just presented with one Glute training video or photo after another. I'm guessing this is for a reason.....lots of people like to look at this kind of thing. Some of these lovely people even have tens of thousands of followers. That's a lot of people who like to look at Glutes!

I'm not completely innocent of being Glute obsessed. I teach Pilates and talk about Glutes a lot, but I do have other things to preoccupy my busy rotator cuffs!

I'm not the kind of person to take a close up video of me doing a squat which is probably just as well, (not even for lots of followers, even though I'm sure it would speed up the process). Instead, I'm going to add my tip for all those who do....

Don't forget to balance the body. Dramatically strengthening areas in isolation is going to lead to a bit of trouble down the line. Big strong Glutes are great, but don't forget to also strengthen the other body parts they like to work along side. The most common video or photo I'm seeing on Instagram Is of Glutes that could stop you in your tracks.....Impressive!

..... accompanied with a rotator cuff that doesn't quite pack the same punch, and a waist that is stabilising the big weights with slightly faulty alignment and breath dynamics.

What's the big deal? Why should I care, my Ass looks great?!

I hear you, but unfortunately wear and tear and rotator cuff Injuries are on the cards when these things are at play, so It's best to keep it in mind.

Nobody likes a problem without a solution. What's the solution? Pilates Obviously. I'm a Pilates teacher, what else would I say :)

Stay safe people and Keep up the Glute work!

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