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If your body was an orchestra....


Start by having a listen to this lot.....

What you just experienced was performed and conducted as a CACOPHONY BY DESIGN. The effect is no accident. It's comedic aspect is deliberate. (if you are interested in why it sounds so bad find out here)


and let's now turn to thoughts of YOUR body.

What kind of music would YOU hope to hear?

What have you composed, and if your brain is the conductor, does your orchestra follow the conductors lead?

Timing, Rhythm, Speed, Intensity, Volume, Tonal Quality (I'm sure there must be more...) They all contribute to the overall experience.

The more practiced and well timed each element is the more pleasing the overall effect.

If elements are slightly out, it's just not quite the same. You are moving, but perhaps it's unstable, or you have wear and tear on the joints or even pain.

Ok, so back to the initial body orchestra analogy.

To illustrate the idea of parts contributing to the performance of the whole I'll compare the Timpani drum to the Glutes.

Booming away in the background.

But what happens when you lose your sheet music?

Oh no, what now???? worries, this gentleman's a professional.

Just keep going and check in with the conductor to keep on track.

...but what happens if you are NOT a professional and your brain has left 'auto conduct' in charge....

Will everything be fine?

not if it's this kind of conducting I'm sure...... !

but seriously,

Sometimes we are composing and conducting for a specific task or movement pattern we didn't even realise was a 'thing'. The movement is so much a part of your life you didn't realise it was even 'training'.

...for example, you might have COMPOSED a car sitting, high heel shoe wearing (even a low heel is technically a high heel), desk sitting, constrictive clothes wearing, head sag phone staring, body that you rush from place to place, CONDUCTED with outward goal orientated focus and intent.

We have accidentally composed, and are now conducting a body cacophony.

And like our Portsmouth Sinfonia intro, the movement is recognisable, it kinda works, but it doesn't take long till it becomes a (literal and figurative) PAIN IN THE NECK.

It's never too late to rewrite the music.....

It's never too late to change your mind and LOVE and take care of your own BODY.

Thank you Kylie for that important Public Health Message

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