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Tis the Season to Be Jolly?

At this point, you may be finding it hard to be filled with seasonal joy. You’ve seen every relative you could possibly think of, including your 5th cousin twice removed. Eaten every possible combination of sugar coated, alcohol drenched, stodgy, comfort carb and the most exercise you’ve done is walking to the fridge.

On top of all the festive shenanigans, for some, it’s quite frankly a miserable time of year Sun drenched days on the beach are a distant memory, the cold makes you want to hibernate like the grumpy bear you now feel and it’s dark before 5.30pm.

To top it all off your local Pilates studio might be closed, so any hope of getting some meditative movement in is slim.

Although I bet you are wondering if you could even find the motivation to make it to the Pilates studio doors, let alone pull off an entire session?

Or maybe it’s quite the opposite, you are in need of some movement therapy and you are dying to get stuck into some 100’s (unlikely I know).

We know a lot of people like to make resolutions around this time (that they can break before the end of January…..) and whether or not that’s your thing, there is a lot to be said for taking the time to lay foundations for a good year.

And in much the same way, it’s important to lay solid foundations for your Pilates practice.

You may want use this “down’ time to work on your foundations.

Some mindful movement can help to get rid of that seasonal funk hovering around and it will help you to progress quicker in the long run.

If you fancy it, I’ve written an e-book all about how to lie down properly, or “Imprinting”. You can access this one the home page of my website.

Imprinting is the first building block of the Pilates fundamentals. It’s the foundation for every movement you carry out in your practice.

If pictures and words are not your thing, I have also created some tutorial videos on YouTube.

All you need is: a mat, a comfortable space and no distractions.

Using well aligned patterns of movement can be hard at first, we can feel weak as our muscles aren’t used to moving in that way. But in the long run we will be stronger and more advanced movements will come easier.

So, go have a lie down, you deserve it. But make it a good one………

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