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What are you looking at?

It's January! If you are in the business of peddling weight loss miracles, fitness or health gadgets, training ideologies, or supplements....or whatever,

NOW IS THE TIME to get your wares out in front of the masses.

We being 'the masses' need to keep our wits about us.

What exactly are we looking at?

So far in the last few weeks I've seen a load of fitness related sponsored instagram posts for a myriad of people that our culture/society/media have defined as attractive/healthy enthusiastically making all sorts of fitnessy type shapes, picking up heavy things, then putting them down again, bending themselves into all sorts of shapes, or using anything but their feet for balancing on to persuade me to buy something that they currently have for sale.

If it's not that, it's a mid-low cost, planned obsolescence GADGET made of plastic shipped all the way from the other side of the world, and destined for the bin.

Or, (my personal favourite) some silly supplement promising the world like a desperate pick up line, attempting to momentarily suspend your common sense as you dare to dream for just a moment that maybe just maybe....

I ain't buying though.

I work in this industry. I don't buy.

If this was any other industry you might not take such offerings and promises at face value.

Let's take a minute and think of your house....

If you needed some building work done on the house, might you get enticed by an attractive looking builder, that's dressed like a builder, making buildery shapes with his body, doing buildery type things, hanging out at the builders yard?

Would you catch yourself thinking...

"Oh my Trevor!, would you look at that beard, that builder really knows his stuff"

"Yes Berrol his tan is fabulous, I think HE should definitely build the extension"

(yes, I know Women are builders too..... but I wanted to use the beard joke)

....Or would you be more interested in qualifications, experience, insurance, maybe checking out other work they have done and asking around for a testimonial or two?

So what about your body.

This is your actually house.

In which you house yourself.

You only get one.

How do you plan to decide who is going to help you this January?

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