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still not sure what to do?  Here are the answers to the most common questions I'm asked....

I'm a beginner.  Is that OK?
The apparatus classes are suitable for all levels.  You don't need to have any experience of Pilates or Matwork. 

Is Apparatus harder than Matwork?
Not necessarily.  The system encompasses many pieces of equipment plus matwork, and each element has exercises from intro level right through to advanced.

Do I teach 'Reformer Pilates'?
Yes, and also no.  I teach Comprehensive Studio Pilates, so yes in that the Reformer is part of this.  I don't teach a whole hour of choreographed group reformer class.  You can experience a session like this if you book a private lesson.

How many times a week do I need to attend?
Initially once a week is fine for most people.  After you have been practicing for a while you might feel that twice a week might suit you better.

Is one term all I need to do to get results?
You might feel some improvements after one term, but more realistically change takes time.  I normally recommend people give themselves a few terms before they should expect any changes to be felt.

I'm older, will I be the only person over 65 in the class?
Most of my clients are between the ages of 40-75.  The classes tend to be made up of people within this age group.

I'm a Man.  Will I be the only man in the class?
Most of the classes have at least 1 man in the class, occasionally there might be 2, i.e a 50:50 spilt of 2 Men and 2 Women.

Do I need to wear anything specific?
I recommend wearing something comfortable that's easy to move in.  It doesn't need to be tight, the fabric just needs to be soft with a bit of stretch.
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