Susan is an enthusiastic teacher with a welcoming approach.

I'm concerned about the general physicality of the people around me.  

Collectively many of us are suffering.  

We have an epidemic of physical ailments that are not completely debilitating. 

We can still function, but with pain symptoms that we have to endure daily.

For some, its been so long they can't remember what a pain free body actually feels like. 

Our bodies are being impacted by our normal benign everyday activities and these very activities are often not health giving.  The movements our daily lives impose upon us have a training effect, and in turn change the shape and function of our structural anatomy over time.

Pilates Hub® is my offering to help.


Post natal Recovery

Back pain Relief

Post Op. & Injury Recovery

Sports Performance

Improve Posture

Susan inspires people to reconnect to their bodies and guides them to use their anatomy in a better way.


She encourages people to reframe their own beliefs about what their bodies are capable of, to push past their limitations and believe their bodies are intelligent and capable of change.

She has an infectious passion for Pilates, movement and health in general, and brings a questioning inquisitive approach to her practice and teaching.

She is continually inspired by the system that she feels is best described as intelligent strength training, and it's ability to transform bodies, including her own.

Specialising in Private Lessons and Small Group Apparatus Class

Peak Pilates - Comprehensively Certified

Staffordshire University - PGDip. Applied Sport & Exercise Science 

Problem Solver 

Over 15 Years Experience

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I encourage you to take the first step towards change


I looking forward to welcoming you to class.