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"There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details"
- Walt Disney

I'm interested in how all the movement systems of the human body interact with each other; full of complex relationships where nothing exists in isolation. Clients often arrive with a physical issue they would like resolving; pain, stiffness, mobility issues and the likes.  A Shoulder somewhat frozen stiff, a neck that refuses to turn right, a hip that screams in sudden pain for apparently no rhyme or reason.  I've been doing this job for sometime now and I'm well practised at paying attention, attention to the detail; And the Devil is pretty much always in the detail.

"everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Albert Einstein

If you look at something complex for long enough, out of the clutter something simple starts to appear.  

That 'something simple' is Pilates Movement taught with a rigourous and broadranging foundation built on comprehensive Pilates training, an academic background in Sport and Exercise Science, anatomy trains, and Myofascial/Functional movement.  

I specialise in apparatus private lessons and problem solving, 


Post natal Recovery

Back pain Relief

Post Op. & Injury Recovery

Sports Performance

Improve Posture

Susan inspires people to reconnect to their bodies and guides them to use their anatomy in a better way.


She encourages people to reframe their own beliefs about what their bodies are capable of, to push past their limitations and believe their bodies are intelligent and capable of change.

She has an infectious passion for Pilates, movement and health in general, and brings a questioning inquisitive approach to her practice and teaching.

She is continually inspired by the system that she feels is best described as intelligent strength training, and it's ability to transform bodies, including her own.

Specialising in Apparatus Private Lessons and Small Group Apparatus Class

Peak Pilates - Comprehensively Certified

Staffordshire University - PGDip. Applied Sport & Exercise Science 

Problem Solver 

Over 15 Years Experience

Check out my CV here

I encourage you to take the first step towards change


I looking forward to welcoming you to class.

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