ZOOM Group Class Timetable March/April 2022

New Clients Welcome :) 


0900-0930 Body Rolling (Myofascial release using soft balls)

 Required Ball set £25+P&P

0930-1010 Pilates

(General level Pilates Matwork with a Myofascial focus) 

Studio Group Apparatus Class Timetable Starts January 2022

New Clients Welcome :) 


1015-1115 Studio Apparatus



1115-1215 Studio Apparatus




1000-1100 Studio Apparatus 

New Class 4 Spaces!


1240-1340 Studio Apparatus


Studio Apparatus Class  

If you are new to Pilates and/or Apparatus class at Pilates Hub, you will need to have had a few private lessons (approx 1-3 sessions) before joining a studio group apparatus class.  Please do contact me to discuss your past Pilates experience and any other questions you may have regarding the classes EMAIL SUSAN


Private Lesson Timetable 

New Clients Welcome :) 

Please contact me for private lesson availability.  EMAIL SUSAN