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1:1 & Class Timetable June/July 2024

Term Dates : 3rd June - 19th July 

New Clients Welcome :)
Contact me directly to join the waiting list for a class space.


0900-0950 Matwork

(Old Bakery River Room, Truro, from September 2024)

1015-1115 Studio Apparatus* FULL


1015-1115 Studio Apparatus* FULL


1240-1340 Studio Apparatus* (1 SPACE)

* Loyalty Class - Termly Class, Priced at a nominal fee (2020 prices). 

Studio Apparatus Class  


If you are new to Pilates and/or Apparatus class at Pilates Hub, you will need to have had a private lesson before joining a studio apparatus class.  The studio classes are for those looking for a mindful or more considered approach to movement.  There are also several pieces of pilates equipment to familiarise yourself with that you may not have used before.

It is for this reason that drop in is not possible and a preparation session is required.

Once a month I offer a FREE Studio apparatus intro class.  If you have managed to get one of the available 4 spaces you won't need to do a private lessons to prepare as this will suffice.

Please contact me to join the waiting list for a class space, discuss class suitability or any other questions you may have regarding the classes EMAIL SUSAN

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates and Studio Apparatus Class are quite different.  

You can find me over at LA Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday evenings if you are interested in having a more athletic/dynamic experience of Pilates on the Reformer.  

I look forward to teaching you where ever you turn up :) 

Matwork (from Sept 2024)

Group matwork class.  

General Level suitable for beginners and those looking to progress.  

Class held in the Old Bakery Studios River Room on the ground floor.

Entry street side through Door no.2

Please bring your own mat to class.

Livestream on Youtube

Join me for a FREE regular Pilates workout that will help you find more easeful movement whatever your current fitness level. This 40 minute beginner/improver full body pilates workout is a balanced mix of mobility, muscle strengthening and stretching to guide you towards better function where ever you might need it. Not too difficult, a gentle challenge, with choreography that stays roughly the same for around 4-6 weeks to allow you to practice, improve and strengthen through a familiar range of exercises.

Committing to an exercise practice can be challenging in the beginning. If you'd like a little help with motivation or navigating your way to the class join this mailing list and you will receive a Sunday evening reminder with an easy to follow link to Mondays Youtube Livestream Class.

Join the Reminder mailing list

Private Lessons

New Clients Welcome :) 

Nearly all of the weekday early morning sessions are fully booked.  

If you are looking for a regular weekly session please email me to organise.

I look forward to hearing from you.



There are sometimes other timetable spaces available bookable on an Ad Hoc basis depending on regular client attendance. If you are looking to attend as and when you can, please get in touch.

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